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Skills That Build is the intersection of cognitive psychology, business, and well-being, offering readers an accessible means to coach themselves on valuable success-generating behaviors in four critical areas. Learn and master career-advancing skills that promote psychological health and well-being, using this book as the virtual coach on the bookshelf.

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The Hard Science of Soft Skills for Work and Life

If you are ready to propel your career to the next level...

If you are striving for both a successful career and a fulfilling life...

Skills That Build provides the missing credential in your healthy success tool kit.    

Demand for leadership coaching has skyrocketed worldwide in the last five years, but few people can afford a professional coach. Even fewer receive coaching for career development and personal growth through their employer. Busy racking up buzzworthy credentials on their own time, today’s emerging workers and mid-career professionals teeter precariously between personal and career aspirations.

​If ever there was a need for preventive mental health practices and accessible tools for workplace empowerment, the time is now. Just over a year ago, the workforce was focused on ascending the career ladder, with less attention paid to maintaining a healthy grip on personal well-being. Since then, the pandemic has underscored the need for resilience and effective ways to cope on both professional and personal fronts. While successful leaders build success from within, they must first lead themselves. This book becomes the virtual coach on the bookshelf, as readers learn and master career-advancing skills that promote psychological health and well-being. Anyone can learn these behaviors and enhance their current repertoire using this evidence-based guide for skills that build us.

Skills That Build is the intersection of science, business, and well-being, from the perspective of a seasoned management consultant and executive coach with an academic background in cognitive psychology.  It offers readers an accessible means to coach themselves on skills in four critical areas, which promote psychological health and generate success both in the workplace and at home.

Through stories from coaching clients, groundbreaking scientific research, examples of business applications, and exercises to hone and master new behaviors, Skills That Build demonstrates actionable techniques and empowers readers to jump-start their uniquely personal strategies for growth.​

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I wrote this book to bring professional coaching to those who have little or no access to personal and professional development opportunities.

The individual who first builds the self has set the virtual concrete in place on which to construct a solid house of work and life. The four behaviors are good for the brain, the body, the business, and the bottom line.

By choosing our behaviors intentionally, we build success from within and foster our own well-being. In first leading ourselves, we become better leaders for others.


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Reviews for Skills That Build

 Overall this book was a quick and easy read with a lot of powerful content. It was thought provoking and provided many questions for self-assessment and reflection. The real life scenarios and cases in each chapter really brought the content to life and how to put into practice. I can see this being a valuable resource in any manager's, or leader's tool-kit!

. . . a motivating read for anyone looking to reach their goals and thrive in their workplace or in a personal setting.  The author’s voice is clear and accessible as she describes a variety of achievable skills that drive us toward better performance and perhaps more importantly, greater wellness.  Her strategies are based on research ... supported by years of coaching and consulting. Practical exercises provide a gently challenging opportunity for readers to develop their skills... realistic, doable activities with inspiration to build a more intentional, fulfilling life.

Gina’s book on soft skills, communication and resilience being just two, details the science behind these skills and provides practical and easy to use tools to assess and build these skills in our own lives. The book is easy to read, compelling, and extremely helpful in learning about and building these skills which are invaluable not only for the work place, but also for one’s own personal life and relationships.


V.P. Customer Experience

Stanley Black & Decker

Gina skillfully integrated findings from science and cognitive psychology to show how we can develop a repertoire of skills to be the best we can...the soft skills that build and sustain us. This is masterfully articulated and excites one to set goals for change with a smile.

Executive Director
Mental Health Association in Delaware

Skills That Build is a great resource for emerging as well as experienced leaders. The author’s storytelling generates self-reflection and the built-in exercises are applicable to any leader. From the title to the end of the book is a belief in individuals’ ability to grow their personal leadership skills for success and wellbeing in any environment! Diving deep into the four skillsets for effective leadership, this book will help anyone who works on or leads a team.

Associate Professor, Economics
Director, Villanova Women's Professional Network
Villanova School of Business
Villanova University

The individual who first builds the self has set the virtual concrete in place on which to construct a solid house of work and life. The four behaviors are good for the brain, the body, the business, and the bottom line.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Leadership Specialist
University of Delaware





Holistic executive coach Gina M. Wilson, MS, works with organizations and leaders to inspire and empower personal and professional growth through evidence-based practices. Gina is founder of the Skills That Build Leadership Development Program and System Strategies Consulting and Coaching.  As an experienced coach, software developer, healthcare strategist, college instructor, and management consultant, Gina brings a contemporary perspective to applied psychology and coaching.

Author Gina M. Wilson, MS

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